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WordPress Conversions, Transfers, Support and Repair

WordPress is the premier Content Management System or CMS for short. It is widely used and easy to use for developers and end users.

There is no better choice to manage your Web content.

WordPress has been available since 2003 and has gained a popularity that is unrivaled on the web. It accounts for at least 22% of the web and owns over 60% of the CMS market according to this survey.

WordPress also features automatic and easy updates since early 2014. This makes it a solution you can update by yourself and saves you time and money.

There are several top-shelf plugins for WordPress that enable you to extend your website into eCommerce, social networking and more. With all the plugins and services available for WordPress, you can see why many choose it for managing their primary web presence.

Expert PSD to HTML/CSS and WordPress services.

Responsive and parallax ready designs

If you’re a designer or already have a design for your website and would like it converted into HTML/CSS or WordPress, just contact me for a free quote. I work with HTML, CSS, jQuery and implement current design trends like responsive and parallax design techniques.

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WordPress Conversions

There are often many cases where the owner of a site wants better control of their site, a better way to manage their content or they just don’t trust the platform their site has been built on. That’s where WordPress and myself come in to help!

Out of the popular CMS’s on the Web, WordPress offers the highest quality plugins, community support and best documented API. This saves me time, you money and gets you support from the WordPress developer community for years to come.

I work with you to develop your current Web platform and turn it into a working WordPress site that you can then host on any major website hosting service and count on it to stay up to date and operational.

Analytics, eCommerce, visitor conversions and more.

WordPress isn’t just for blogging. It’s handy for a wide variety of tasks that your business might call for. Just let me know if there’s a task you have in mind for WordPress and I’ll work with you to make it happen!

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WordPress Transfers & Hosting

There are some situations that might require you to move from one WordPress host to another. Your current host might not be standards compliant or responsive to your support needs.

Often the best course of action is take what you have (or can get your hands on) and move to a hosting company with more dependable reputation, better support resources and a high class of performance to improve your Search Engine results.

Some hosts or web developers hold you hostage for their business model and you simply shouldn’t have to worry about that. I can take you from uncertainty to having some peace of mind about your current website setup.

Unreliable support, software and hosting can make for a bad day

Get the right kind of professional support by contacting me. There is no problem too large or small!

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WordPress Support and Repair

WordPress, like any software needs support to keep it operating smoothly. You can pay a someone for managed WordPress hosting/services or get charged hourly rates to have someone step in to bring you up to date or fix something for you. Either way, it can be a tricky decision on who to pay and how much you should be paying them.

I offer maintenance and managed WordPress plans, but I don’t believe most clients even need them! If there’s any question about your WordPress site and how best to handle a current or potential problem, just get in touch with me!

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Don’t be shy to get in touch. Just let me know what your problems might be and I’ll see what I can do to help.