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TAG Resources

Front-end Development - Theme Development

TAG Resources is a fancy parallax design that focuses on a scrolling landing page with several call to action elements for visitor conversion. Parallax is current design trend that has elements scrolling at different speeds – usually and foreground and background.

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* This site was created during my time with Slamdot.

Landing page call to actions

The landing page here is filled with different call to actions to get the visitor’s attention and convert them into a lead and then a customer.

Parallax images

Several images on the landing page are scrolling at different speeds than the top foreground content. This creates a degree of depth that makes the site pop.

Scrolling anchor links

Links in the top menu bring the visitor to a specific section on the homepage with a smooth scrolling action.

Capture forms

Capture forms are used to get leads before a potential client leaves the site.