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National Fitness Center

Front-end Development - WordPress Conversion

You sometimes have projects that come into your life that require extra special attention to detail and so was the case for this one. The design was already chosen, styled and had been built around Expression Engine. Expression Engine was not fitting their needs to manage their content. The site was also not 100% from the previous company having problems of their own.

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* This site was created during my time with Slamdot.

Class Schedules

A new classes calendar was in order and WordPress has a handful. It was setup to handle their classes for each location and a pre-generated PDF option was created for easy to download formatted calendars. The PDF calendars were fairly custom as they had specific requirements for the format.

Custom Post Types

Clubs and Classes were setup as custom post types to allow more simplified editing of the two. Extra content delivery now being available, new SEO elements were created to optimize the site for search engine results.

Existing element optimization

The landing page slideshow was turned into a manageable section to allow the NFC team to add and remove slides and copy related to each slide. Page titles were turned into actual HTML headers to enable SEO optimization as well.