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About Quinton Mosley – Frontend Developer

And dreamer, artist, guitar instructor, gamer…
“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”

Hey! I’m Quinton Thomas Mosley and I’m a dreamer, artist, guitar instructor and gamer in my spare time. My full-time job is Front-end Development! I’m guessing you wouldn’t be here otherwise.

In the last 14 years I’ve done a lot involving technology, design and music. Those being my three key passions, I’ve found the right fit in Front-end Development and WordPress solutions. I’ve been to California to pursue my music passion, taught hundreds of students guitar lessons, worked on hundreds of computers with different types of clients in different positions and places and finally settled down coming back to what I initially started secondary school for – Web Design.

In 2012 I joined the Slamdot team to work on developing out of box and custom designed WordPress sites. I also provided support for the existing client base through email, phone and in-store visits. My time there was a great experience and in a little over two and half years I racked up 42 custom site designs and seven out-of-box designs made for specifically for WordPress. There were also plenty of transfers, conversions to WordPress and of course… email support! We also won some awards while I was there. Don’t forget Melissa Fagan works there and is possibly the best and fastest Wed Designer on the planet.

I now eat, sleep and breath anything WordPress and work with clients to help them with many different types of IT solutions to meet their business or personal needs.

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