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Why use WordPress?

I’ll start this story by stating I’ve been making my living with WordPress for nearly three years. Before that, I didn’t have a whole lot of respect for it as a CMS. It was limited, filled with security holes and had some really clunky plugins.

What I didn’t see at the time was what was underneath. The framework of WordPress was clean, simple and about to blow up. Enter 2010’s release of version 3.0 and WordPress gained a strong set of features. The WordPress folks opened up its internals in powerful ways. Custom post types enable all sorts of developer to create and manage information and then do lots of cool things. Their documentation has also kept pace and is really a big help.

As a client, that meant all the developers that get their start or make livings from producing themes and plugins are available to you. Their products and services are what make WordPress unique. Less hacks, more standards and many options.

As a developer, you get to tap into the world that many other talented developers have created and maintain. There are some smart folks out there working to create more ways for individuals or teams to do exactly what they envision. That’s amazing to me and the mark of a success for a software platform.

That’s why WordPress and the ecosystem it has created are the place to be whether you’re an end user, web development client or a developer.